Ceiling fans

We rely on electricity to power our lights, appliances, and electronics in our homes. Many of us also use electricity to provide our homes with hot water, heat, and air conditioning. As we use more electricity in our homes, electric bills rise.

Efficient products and energy-saving strategies can help you save money and energy at home

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Ceiling Fans

Supercool Fans

Add a dash of elegance amalgamated with power, performance, comfort, safety and durability. The Supercool ceiling fans are an imperative part of every home and are built to be energy efficient. Add a sense of style and exuberance to your rooms and offices with our innovative and trendy designs, with easy installation.

Ceiling fans are an imperative part of any household.

Available at the best price, the latest fans for your roof come in different varieties. Embrace your choices with options of both Copper and aluminium. Our ceiling fans our developed according to customer’s convenience. Supercool ceiling fans are manufactured by experienced workers. Each fans is properly tested by our fully automatic conveyer. Each ceiling fan motor is manufactured by automatic CNC machine.

At Supercool, We have established a culture that supports our team members, so that they can provide best services to customers

● We are totally committed for Design, Quality & Services.
● We always pursue for the Innovation & Improvement .
● We always endeavour for 100% Customer Comfort and Satisfaction

24 inch ceiling fan1

Supercool 24’ Ceiling Fan

- 4 blades fro heavy air flow
- Flow decorative motor
- Hi-speed fan
- Available in many colours
- Cheap Fan
- Best for 24’ fan
24 inch ceiling fan2

Supercool 24’ Fan (Fancy)

- 4 blades for heavy air flow
- Flow decorative motor
- Hi-speed fan
- Sides show available
- Available in many colours


Best Ceiling model of our range
Full size Aluminium blade
Available in different colours
Available in both aluminium and copper
Cheap fan for elegant use


- Attractive and elegant design
- Full Size Blade
- Available in both copper and Aluminium
- Available in different colours
- With centre and blade show

Supercool C/F super Deluxe

- Attractive and elegant design
- Light weight body
- Available in different colours
- Available in both copper and aluminium

Supercool Super Fancy

- Decorative Design
- Full 15mm stack size
- Wider Blades for better air flow
- Available in different Colours